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Our Different Meal Types

Ketogenic Diet

This diet is extremely low carb and sugar-free with a moderate amount of protein. The best way to eat successfully on the keto diet is to fill your diet with healthy fresh vegetables staying away from potatoes, rice, sugars, and bread.


These meals and snacks are free from wheat gluten. The best solution is to choose meals that are filled with healthy fresh nutrients far away from breads and products made with flour. The healthy alternatives we use are Coconut flour and Almond Flour.


In this plan, we do not eat any sugar refined, natural, cane, or fructose. In our kitchen, we use Stevia, Erythritol, and monk fruit for sweetening our treats.


Shibboleth Meals

Shibboleth is a food combination program designed for weight loss. All Shibboleth meals on our website fall into this weight loss program’s combination criteria.

Heart Smart

Meals that are heart-smart are focused to be low in saturated fats and not filled with sugar and carbohydrates. Such as fresh vegetables and meats cooked in healthy fats. We use pure virgin Olive oil, Avocado Oil, and Coconut oil. We also have plenty of options in our menu with chicken, fish, and Turkey.